Game Design Genres: Fighting, Action & Platformer, Puzzle, Multiplayer
Development Environments & Engines: Unity3D, GameMaker, Photon PUN, Photon Quantum
Programming Languages: C#, Javascript, GML, Maxscript


Lead Technical Designer
October 2022 to Present - Fighting Chance Games
Tasks: Design, Scripting, Prototype Development

Owner of Solo Indie Endeavor
November 2014 to Present - Mattrified Games, Pittsburgh, PA

Advanced Gameplay Engineer
November 2008 to September 2022 – Schell Games, Pittsburgh, PA
Tasks: Design, Scripting, Prototype Development

Teaching Assistant
September 2009 to December 2009 & April 2008 to Sept 2008 – Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Classes: Interactive Game Prototyping and Advanced Game Prototyping

October 2008 to November 2008 – Mechanimal, Pittsburgh, PA
Tasks: Web Design

Game Creation Intern
September 2008 to October 2008 – WildPockets, Pittsburgh, PA
Tasks: 3D Modeling, Texturing, Testing, Scripting

March 2007 to April 2007 – Bossa Nova Robotics, Pittsburgh, PA
Tasks: Scripting, Flash Development, 3D Animation, Storyboarding

Published Work

I Expect You To Die 2
Various VR Platforms, August 2021
Role: Engineer
Tasks: Prototyping, gameplay scripting

Mission: It’s Complicated
Visual Novel for PC, February 2020
Role: Narrative designer, engineer
Tasks: Writing missions, implementing features, fixing bugs

Photon Quantum Fighting Game Demo, 2018
Role: Engineer
Tasks: Prototyping, design, documentation

Osmo Monster, Mobile Drawing Game with Mirror Accessory, 2017
Role: Engineering, technical design
Tasks: Creating and maintaining animation graphs using in-studio tools

Orion Trail, PC Game on Steam, October 2015
Role: Lead programmer
Tasks: Steam integration, UI and gameplay scripting, design tool development

GumTrix, Mobile Unity Game, Winter 2014
Role: Project lead
Tasks: Gameplay scripting, design tool development, Unity Ads integration

Battle High 2, OUYA, Winter 2014; Xbox LIVE Indie Game and PC, Winter 2013
Role: Design, programming, production
Tasks: Porting to Unity3D, character gameplay design, production

GameMaker Game Programming with GML, Book for Packt, Published Spring 2014
Role: Author

Mechatars, Online Unity Game, Summer 2011
Role: Gameplay Engineer
Tasks: Gameplay scripting, effects and tools programming

Triazzle Island, Adobe AIR Game, Summer 2011
Role: Tech Lead and designer
Tasks: Programming, prototyping


Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Game Art & Design, BS
Graduation: September '08
GPA: 3.8