Welcome to Mattrified Games

Mattrified Games is an independent game development house located in Pittsburgh, PA. Though it was officially started in November 2014, Mattrified Games has been involved in the development of several games since 2011.

Mattrified Games is a solo studio, meaning that a majority of the work is done by one person, its owner, Matthew DeLucas. Many talented individuals — voice artists, conceptual artists, and musicians for example — have worked on the games created by Mattrified Games and without them, some of its titles wouldn’t exist.

Okay, enough talking in third person. The design philosophy behind the games I make is simple: create games that I would play. I know this is a risky approach as my taste differentiate from a lot of people out there, but I believe being passionate about the game you’re making starts with being passionate about playing the game you’ll make. Again, I want to make games that I would play, but I hope that by doing so, I create products that you will play and — even more importantly — enjoy.


MerFight has been in Early Access officially as of March 31st, 2022! The game is currently in version 0.34 as of June 24th, 2022. You can read more about the game here: https://www.merfight.com. I also wrote an long-overdue blog post about both the MerFight Kickstarter experience as well as how release has been going, what I've learned, and more. You can read that here.