Starting “Over” & 2017 Thus Far

So I decided to “start over” with my blog. Blogger or Blogspot or whatever was becoming irritating to use and felt dated. The biggest issue is that writing code samples like this —

public class MyClass
    void Awake()
        Debug.Log("Hello wor-, I mean planet.");

— was a real pain.
Anyway, since this is the first blog that’ll appear on the official Mattrified Games website, I decided to do a quick retrospective of 2017 thus far.

MAGFest & Battle High 2 A+

In January, I went to my first MAGFest.  I went to show off Battle High 2 A+ as part of their independent games areas.  It was a great learning and motivating — to a degree — experience.  It was fun seeing people play the game and enjoying it.  There was even a Battle High 2 A+ tournament, which was awesome as well!  I could have definitely done a few things better; for example, not having an attract screen was probably not the best idea.  Also, I was at the booth so much, that it was hard to enjoy the festival itself; fortunately, it was 24 hour, so it wasn’t like it was impossible, but fatigue did set in a bit.

I did start a mailing list for Battle High 2 A+ and took it to another smaller and local Retro Games Festival.  There was also another tournament at ReplayFX.  Like I said, however, showing the game off was only motivating to a degree.  As much as I love the Battle High series, I’ve been working on it for a long time.  I’m not going to stop working on it entirely, but at this time, I’m pursuing different games and ideas.  There is still at least one Battle High 2 A+ character I would like to release, and there is still plenty of time to release said character before 2018, but I’m not going to promise it at this time.

The Aquatic Tactics Fighter

One game I’ve been developing off and on for awhile is a merfolk-themed tactics fighting game.  After MAGFest, I took a break from Battle High to work on this idea.  I really enjoy developing fighting games, but I wanted to develop something with more emphasis on story and single-player interactions.  So, for a bit, I was working on this a game that combined elements of a tactics RPG with those of a fighting game.  The problem, however, was that frakensteining the two genres together made me come to a few revelations.  One, it’s WAY too monumental of a task for a solo developer such as myself to take on.  Though hard, I don’t believe solo development is impossible, but for this game, trying to combine two large genres into one solid idea was intimidating.  At the same time, I was discovering that there are parts of tactics games I just don’t enjoy trying to develop or at least don’t feel inspired by.  So, due to these two issues, I decided to pause the idea indefinitely.

A New and True Fighting Game

I think one of my biggest regrets with Battle High is that I never took the time to try and develop a online multiplayer solution.  I felt very conflicted about the idea, ultimately deciding that the amount of time it would take to implement would be too much.  I’d probably would have never released.  So around the time I began losing passion for the Tactics Fighter, I discovered TrueSync by Exit Games.  This rollback netcode solution was made for Unity and though it’s still in beta, it’s giving me rather promising results.

Now, I’ve yet to really develop anything solid with it, but I’m confident that I can get something sooner than the Tactics Fighter.  In fact, I even signed up to give a talk at Unite 2017.  I really feel that TrueSync does a great job democratizing one of the more challenging aspects of online multiplayer for action games in a clear, easy-to-understand approach.

Anyway, my year so far started with Battle High, continued with the Tactics Fighter, and will probably end with a TrueSync fighter.  I’m hoping to release an alpha of some kind before 2018, before the fall actually.  I also plan to write more blogs here in the future; again, I hadn’t been keeping up to date with it because writing code samples, managing images, headings, and more was just a pain.  Hopefully in this new format, keeping my game work in one official place will be more manageable — again, hopefully.

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