Battle High

Battle High is a 2D fighting game featuring 15 characters in high school who can control different elements such as fire, ice, wind, and more. It features fast-paced action, a unique meter management style, and a dash cancel feature that allows players to cancel attacks with ease, allowing for a lot of exploration and player expression.

It began as a collaboration with an indie group called PointFiveProjects. It went from GameMaker to XNA and an eventual release on Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Indie Games program. From there, a sequel was created and relesed on more platforms such as OUYA, Xbox One, and Steam.

Battle High was Mattrified Games's first attempt at a fighting game, a lot of lessons were learned, but a lot of love also went into the game. Hopefully the franchise can continue to grow in the future. To find out more about Battle High, you can visit its website.