Yaxkin: Global Game Jam 2009

Created in 2009, Yaxkin was the result of my first Global Game Jam.  Created using the XNA framework with a team of four, including myself, this simple, cooperative platformer was an attempt to adhere to that year’s theme:  “As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems”.  In the game, each player is competing for score to make the Yaxkin — or tree of life — grow by collecting different tropical fruits, but as they collect said fruits, the platform begins to tilt in that players direction.  The two players must then work together to try and collect fruit but not be greedy.

Working with the XNA framework was a challenge with this game, not only developing, essentially having to create a simple 2D game engine in a weekend, but also distributing as the XNA framework is not the most portable framework, requiring players to have several items installed.  If you are interested in trying this game or reading more about it, you can do so on the archived Global Game Jam for Yaxkin.