Escape from Death Island: Global Game Jam 2015

Escape from Death Island is probably my weakest Global Game Jam entry.  I’m not really sure why.  I remember not sleeping beforehand and being super tired, which was so stupid of me.  I also remember doing the game jam in Schell Games’s new office, which made the jam just feel like work, and at the time, just made it not quite as enjoyable experience as usual.


Anyway, the theme was “What do we do now?”, which was delivered in a way that was rather irritating.  In a 48-hour game jam, the last thing you want is sometime to waste your time by stretching out and delaying the theme’s delivery.  Anyway, in the game, you control the captain of a mob fighting various monsters such as giant ducks, fez-wearing statues, and wolf-headed spiders in an attempt to escape Death Island.  I’ve written a lot more about this game on my blog.  You can read about that here.

Recently, I do want to add, that I heard about a new game entitled Okhlos; though I’m pretty confident it wasn’t influenced by our game at all, it’s still neat to see an implementation of your idea done really well!