¡Dr. Láser! ¿Adorará Ella un robot?: Global Game Jam 2010

My 2010 Global Game Jam entry was a humorous attempt at adhering to the theme Deception.  There were also three other sub-themes:  plain (or plane), Spain, and rain.  Our team decided to focus on Spain and create a Spanish soap opera entitled ¡Dr. Láser! ¿Adorará Ella un robot? — which I think translated to Dr. Laser:  She Loves a Robot?  This game used the now obscure — but still interesting — WildPockets game engine.  WildPockets, in my opinion, was a very early predecessor to Unity…that Unity was probably unaware of.  It was a browser-based 3D engine that utilized the lua scripting language as well as a asset uploading and sharing system.


Anyway, you play as Dr. Laser, a robot in disguise meeting his girlfriend’s parents, particular his robot-hating father.  In the narrative, the robot encounters certain events and he must fight his robotic instincts — shaking a hand without crushing it or stopping himself from blasting French fries — when encountering these events, you pretty much play a dual-stick shooter to try and prevent your robotic instincts from taking over.  Unfortunately, the WildPockets servers are probably down and playing the game is near impossible, but you can read about it more on the game’s Global Game Jam 2010 archive page.