Chameleon Crisis: Global Game Jam 2014

Chameleon Crisis.

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one, so I’ll just post this video first!

This was an interesting game jam.  A friend and I drove to Maryland so we could participate with our one friend who had moved recently.  It was a fun time, but the game jam became a little secondary and just hanging out and having a good time was the focus, which we did.  The theme that year was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  The funny part of about this was, at the time, the Oculus Rift was just starting to gain traction, and my one teammate actually had a dev kit, but it was back in Pittsburgh.  We all were a little sad we didn’t have.

Inspired by an ornery Bob Evan’s waiter, the idea was that you played as a chameleon waiter — I now realize there’s a slight similarity to this game and my 2010 entry — who had to delivered a hawkbob, which for some reason we thought was absolutely hilarious at the time, to celebrity cutouts such as Nicki Minaj and Bill Clinton.  The Rift would have been interesting to experiment — and ultimately vomit-inducing — to use for the moments when the waiter becomes distracted and disoriented by his severe hunger for flies.  Overall, it’s a super silly game but was fun to make; you can read more about it on its Global Game Jam 2014 page.