Apuncalypse: Global Game Jam 2011

Apuncalypse was my 2011 Global Game Jam entry.  The theme that year was Extinction, and it was the first year that I started to grow a slight disdain for the Global Game Jam themes.  I guess if I was going to make a game in a weekend, I felt the theme was too broad — and a little depressing — to properly focus on something.  In fact, our team fell into this pitfall a few times, struggling to really think of a game until the first 24 hours passed.  We then decided to just go silly!

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Apuncalypse is made up of four silly mini-games.  It’s very WarioWare-esque and was made with Flash!  I think it’s one of the better games we did because we just didn’t care eventually.  We just wanted to make something silly and fun, and sometimes when doing a game jam, that’s just what happens.  If you’d like to read more about the game or even play it, check out Apuncalypse’s Global Game Jam 2011 archive page.