Game Jams

Game Jams.

These short-paced game-creation events usually seem to garner a resounding “Why?” from many when I bring them up.  To them, it seems so silly to spend my weekend or more to participate.

At times, I question their purpose, but there are many reasons why I participate in game jams:

  • Sharpen my development skills
  • Work with people and friends I may not get to work with
  • Experiment with new themes and ideas I normally wouldn’t get the chance to

Keeping this in mind, I present a few games that I have worked on in various game jams such as the Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare.  Also, as a disclaimer, these are Game Jam games.  They are not final, unpolished, and sometimes ideas of questionable tastes derived due to sleep depravity.  They were made in less than 48 hours — some less — so don’t judge too harshly.

Also, If you have any interest in making games, I implore you to participate in at least one game jam.  They are an interesting — and a little more than hectic — introduction to the whirlwind world of game development!