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March 2020 Devlog Post

So, like a lot of people in the US (and world), I’m currently in a self-isolation situation. I’ve always wanted to try working from home for an extended period of time, but last week wasn’t quite what I expected. The main reason being that when working from home in normal circumstances, I can leave whenever I want to go to the store, get lunch, coffee, jog, etc., without fear of contracting a highly contagious and deadly virus. For now, I’ll be in my home office working at my day job as well as my indie endeavors.

My desk, which I’ll probably reorganize in a bit, since I’ll be at it for awhile.

With the extra time at home, I’m hoping to get more work done on some of my indie endeavors. Admittedly, due to a lot of anxiety from the situation, I wasn’t as motivated as I usually am, but I’m hoping now that things have settled a bit, I’ll be able to focus more. That being said, here is the current state of my projects.

MerFight Version 0.8.0

I’m making decent progress on MerFight. I have 8 of the 12 characters playable. The latest characters are Naeco who uses poisonous claws to infect enemies, and Enjellique, who can control different a magical jellements. The game is playable in open alpha through and Game Jolt. I’m always looking for feedback, especially on the gameplay, so feel free to try it out.

Enjellique, a master of the jellemental arts.
Naeco attacks has a extendable claw used to attack and sometimes poison opponents.


My Patreon is still active. I’ve been trying to upload new builds of prototypes there. I’ve yet to, but I also want to post tutorials, particularly focusing in the rollback netcode implementation I’m using for Unity.

That being said, I’m having second thoughts about it. Though I really appreciate my patreons motivating support, I don’t have many, so sometimes I want to show a prototype off or have more people try it, but I also feel that isn’t fair to my Patreons. Additionally, given the current situation, I feel like the money going towards my Patreon could be used for more important things.

So, I’m on the fence. One idea is to pause it. Another idea is to cancel it entirely. A third idea is to make it free temporarily. I’m not sure. Regardless, I’m still thinking on it and planning what to do when April arrives.

Other Projects

Besides my Patreon, I’m working on a few other projects.

I started doing some research for a 2.5D fighting game involving swapping parts as well as fighting on a cylinder. It’s inspired by a 90’s toy called Socket Poppers. I even bought some off Ebay to study them — though admittedly the study wasn’t super fruitful.

Originally, I wasn’t going to make it a tag game, but now I’m having second thoughts.

I also a prototype, one that I want to be part of the rollback tutorial I started. It’s a game where you try and enter various fighting game inputs as quickly as possible.

This is an early version, but the idea is essentially the same.

But going back to what I said about my Patreon, a part of me does want to finish and release it, maybe even for free just to get more eyes on it, but again, that wouldn’t really be fair to my Patreons.

For the rest of March and April, I have some things to think over. Of course, staying in and trying to be healthy and not catch or spread COVID-19 is my current, top priority. Stay safe and well and inside (if you can), everyone.